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CTI Products


MPC5200B based Programable Logic Controler (PLC)
  • 3072K user memory
  • 8192 digital / 8192 analog I/O
  • 512 loops / 512 alarms
  • Built-in Ethernet for MMI and programming
  • Built-in USB for programming
  • Profibus-DP master and RS485 Remote I/O ports
  • Built-in SD flash card slot
2500-Cxxx product brief


5 Port Ethernet Switch
  • Available in 4 configurations:
  •    3570A-5C five RJ45 ports
  •    3570A-1F four RJ45 ports, one fiber port
  •    3570A-2F three RJ45 ports, two fiber ports
  •    3570A-3F two RJ45 ports, three fiber ports
  • Isolated power supply
  • Redundant power supply input
  • 10/100 Mbps with auto-negotiation
  • Auto-crossover and auto-sensing on all RJ-45 ports
3570A Product Brief

College Projects


In EEL 5666, intelligent machine designed, I designed a robot I named Lothar.  It primary function is to find tiles and then based on the tiles color, place them in an appropriately colored area. He was designed to roam about looking for lines on the ground which then lead to colored tiles. Once a tile is found and properly positioned in the grabber, its color is identified. From here Lothar looks for the appropriate colored area to place this tile.

Talking Touch Screen Computer

For My senior design class I built a talking computer with a touch screen and game pad.  I interfaced my HC11 EVBU board to:
  • 240 pixels X 128 pixels cold cathode florescent tube back lit LCD screen
  • RS Systems v600 Voice synthesizer
  • Dynotech touch screen 
  • PC game pad
I also wrote software to drive these devices and created a few application such as a menu driven interface, phone dialer, music pad, and a story telling program. 

Coldfire Board

In EEL 5745, Microcomputer Hardware and Software, I designed and assembled  motherboard around Motorola's MCF5206e Coldfire.  Time ran short and I was un able to complete the ISA bus and CPLD programer.   This is why the board looks so bare.  I did manage to implement:
  • 4 Mbytes of DRAM (on the far right of the picture)
  • 2 Serial Ports (on the far left of the picture)
  • 4 Mbits of EEPROM (top and slightly right of middle)
  • AC-DC 5V and 3.3V power supply
To the left of the DRAM are headers for attaching a logic analyzer.

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